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Wednesday Wisdom: How can I improve my English...?

Jan 22, 2020

What do puppies have to do with learning English? Nothing, but I thought she would make you smile as we chat about a topic language learners often ponder. It's a big question so let me give you one tip you can practise today and that will help you stay confident as you continue this journey of learning a language. This tip is useful no matter what language you are learning. I use it myself as I continue to learn Japanese.

Let's look at the skill of speaking. You worry about your grammar. You worry that you can't give reasons for your opinion. You worry that you can't use good vocabulary. You worry about so many things that you forget how good you are and how much you have already improved.

So what can you do?
Focussed Practice will help you.
1. Record yourself speaking (just a short conversation, monologue will do).
2. With your teacher/tutor's help choose one area you want to improve. Use a simple checklist to help you decide the best area to focus on first ( I can give you one if you need it).
3. Begin your focussed practice. Decide how often you are going to work on this one area (don't worry about the other parts for the moment). It may be 10 minutes 3 times a week for one month.
4. After one month use your checklist again to see if you have improved (you will have if you do this regularly). Set a new goal. 
5. Repeat.

If you would like my help please check my profile and don't forget I have some special coupons just for this week. Enjoy your Wednesday!

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