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Let's talk about...Being thankful on Friday

Feb 7, 2020

In an earlier column I spoke about the importance of being thankful (see my January 20th column). So today I'm 'practising what I preach'. I've chosen hydrangeas as my main photo as they symbolise thankfulness. I am thankful on Friday (not thankful because it is Friday).

It has been a great week and these are some of the things I'm thankful for:
  • Here in Australia we have been getting some much needed rain which is helping in areas where there have been fires and also helping our farmers who have been experiencing a long period of drought.
  • Lots of exciting things are happening in my family - new babies, new work opportunities for family members, birthdays...
There are many other things that I'm thankful for this week, but the last thing I want to mention is very important:
  • I'm thankful for you: the wonderful students I have met and had the opportunity to teach over the last few weeks. With your help I have reached my first goal of completing 10 lessons on Cafetalk. I'm also thankful for the support of the amazing Cafetalk team - always so helpful and encouraging.
So, thank you!!! I have met some very interesting people who have some great dreams. I look forward to meeting more of you over the next weeks and months. Please visit my profile if you want to learn more about me and the lessons I offer. Have a wonderful weekend!

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