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Let's talk about....Lessons learned

Freitag, 14. Februar 2020, 08:37

There are lessons to be learned everyday, not just in the classroom. We just need to be open to learn them and to be teachable. This Friday, I'd like to share some lessons I've learned from having pets.
  • Start each day with joy - My pup Ebony wakes up bouncing ready for new adventures each day.
  • Let people know how you feel - Ebony loves to kiss, cuddle and wag her tail to let me know she's happy to see me.
  • Forgive quickly - if I discipline Ebony for doing something wrong, or I do something wrong ( like accidently tread on her toe) she runs to me for a cuddle and smiles. She not only forgives, she forgets.
  • Love unconditionally - Ebony loves everyone - it doesn't matter their size or gender, she just loves them.
On this Valentine's day, let' s be teachable and start each day with joy, let people know how you feel, forgive quickly and love unconditionally.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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