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Which season would best describe my personality ?

Weekly Topic: Which season would best describe your personality?

Feb 14, 2020

I took a magazine quiz once and it told me the season that best suited my personality was SUMMER ( Canadian summer not Japanese summer  hahaha! ) Maybe by Japanese weather I`d be SPRING.

I did feel that the quiz did discribe my personality in some respects.  

I`m like a crazy fun summer day with the promise of endless possibilities and freedom like a long summer break. I`m great at balancing work and home life, just like I always aim to balance my lessons with good for solidy study but also causal and easy to talk to giving you the student the freedom to do what you like best!

I also love having new experiences and travelling which comes with nicer weather.  I`m also a good conversationalist and keep family, friends and students entertained with crazy stories about some of my adventures that relate to topics we are talking about or studying in lessons.

I look forward to meeting you soon!



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