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1st milestone of teaching English & Hungarian :))

Feb 23, 2020

Today was a special day for me as a new teacher.
I joined Cafetalk about a month ago, and completed my 10th lesson today. :)
I want to thank my students for their curiosity to learn new languages and their courage to speak out and use what they've learnt. Thank you!!
For those of you who don't know me yet, here's a little introduction:

I come from Hungary, a small Eastern European country with interesting historical ties to Asian nations and cultures (see Wikipedia for details.) I learnt English at an early age by watching American TV, and have a long experience of teaching English to children and adults alike, both online and in language schools. I find foreign languages fascinating and took a linguistics course at university, so I can provide interesting information on the the origin of „strange” grammatical rules or seemingly illogical idioms. Sometimes I also illustrate my lessons with funny drawings, especially when teaching children. I love to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, exchange interesting information and help people improve their English skills.

I also work as a professional translator and illustrator, mostly translating books and online articles from Hungarian to English and vice versa.

Whenever I’m not teaching I enjoy hiking, watching movies (especially Korean dramas, sci-fi, animated shows and some older Hollywood classics,) reading books and playing with my dog.

Here at Cafetalk I offer English conversation lessons, pronunciation lessons using funny novels and poems, lessons on phrases and idioms, help with English homework and papers, and Hungarian language lessons of course. Beginner-level English speakers are also warmly welcome!

Hoping to see you soon!



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