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Do I eat spicy food? Oh yes!

Weekly Topic: Do you eat spicy food?

Jan 13, 2020

My country Hungary is renowned for spicy soups, especially Goulash and Fisherman's Soup. Goulash is essentially beef or pork soup with carrots, potatoes and spicy red pepper. Traditionally, it's made outside in a cauldron, like this:

Boiling, hot goulash soup with meat, paprika, potatoes, onion, carrots is the traditional dish of Hungarian cuisine. Meat stew being prepared in crock pot on stock photos

Fisherman's Soup is eaten especially around Christmas and has two main varieties, the Western and Eastern Hungarian style soup. In Eastern Hungary, Fisherman's Soup is made from carp plus 3 or 4 other fish of your choice (they all have to be river fish, never sea fish.)  In Western Hungary, it's made only from carp and people often add noodles. Red and green pepper is added to the soup to give it that special taste.

Traditional Hungarian fish soup in red kettle. Traditional Hungarian fish soup in a small red kettle stock photos

What's YOUR favorite spicy soup?

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