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Doll Festival, Japanese Hina-matsuri!

Mar 3, 2020

Hello, everyone. I’m Teacher Asuka.


Today, I’m going to explain Doll Festival, we say it Girl’s Day in Japan, because today is March 3rd!

It’s also called ‘Momo-no-Sekku’ or Peach festival.

On this day, we usually celebrate female children and pray for their continued health and happiness.

 Most families with girls display dolls called Hina-ningyo. It is said that people began displaying such dolls in the Edo period. They are dressed in beautiful ancient court costumes.


We eat traditional dishes like Chirashi Sushi and clam soup for the festival.


In spite of the COVID-19 (the Corona Virus Desease) trouble, let's enjoy Hina-matsuri!!

Take good care. 

Teacher Asuka

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