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Cafetalk Tutor's Column

Tutor Istvan Zoltan Zardai 's Column

Just arrived at the Café! Ready to talk

Mar 10, 2020

Dear Readers,
I'm very happy that I can start teaching and workig on Cafe Talk. The students, lessons, and tutors here look all fantastic, not to mention the very helpful and supportive staff.
To briefly introduce myself: I'm a 35 year old Hungarian Philosopher and English teacher. I'm very international: I'm living in Japan now, but have spent more than 5 years in England, a year in Austria, and have been to over 30 countries. One of the main reasons why I joined here is to have the chance to work with a variety of lovely people from Japan and elsewhere.
This picture shows one of the interesting places I've been to in Japan: the mini-desert in Tottori, next to the sea. There are even camels there.

Looking forward to working with you!

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