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Mar 19, 2020

Last article we talked about the origin of the Chinese poem. Here’s the link if you would like to know:https://cafetalk.com/column/read/?id=141398&lang=zh-tw
Today we are going to talk about the following history of 韻文. You can see in the letter of 韻, it is combined by 音 and 員, which means it is about the words’ sound.
After the Tang Dynasty, another kind of 韻文 appeared. They are not poem actually, they are 宋詞. In Song Dynasty(about 200 years later to Tang), people start to get back to the original style of 韻文, which makes it as lyrics. For 詞, the format of 詞 is the song itself. So we would see many 詞 in the same name but different lyrics.

Here’s the example,

Slow slow tune (Li Qingzhao)
Seek, seek; lonely, quiet; doleful, rueful, woeful.
When it just turns warm, but still cold, it’s hardest to restfully.
Two or three cups of light wine, how to fend the strong wind in the evening?
The wild geese pass, they were my old acquaintance, heart-broken I’m feeling.
All over the ground, in heaps, the flowers yellow.
Languished as I am, who will pick them now?
Keeping myself at the window, how can I fare alone till night falling?
Chinese parasol, plus drizzles on it, dripping and dripping till evening;
At this moment, what can I do with the word “sorrow”?
But for another author, the example is here,

Slow slow tune (Zhou Fuzhi)
The red door is tightly closing. Swaying the wind of spring. But the cotton is going to fly away, there’s nothing can make it stay. My heart is shattered like snow, disturbing the clothes who is going away. Dawn with drizzle, shrouding who’s home, who’s patio and pound? The one is reluctantly pouting her lips, waiting for her husband’s back.
Still, remember the good time on the balcony, I can see after our farewell, the grass is still green as still. Travelers go back and forward on the bank of the river, they pick the willow to represent their missing of the other. And the tear falling for you now, it will dry and fall into the dust and the street full of many smells. What is it for? Please don’t blame me for following the green grass everywhere with you, because we will never see it again.
In the Song Dynasty, there are so many beautiful literature works that are created, thus, it is my favorite age of Chinese literature. Also at that time, woman’s right was going better because it was affected by the Tang Dynasty. As the first author of the 聲聲慢 that I mentioned earlier, she is one of the most famous litterateurs. But for some acknowledges, they started to want to depress this power, which is 理學, and it affected Chinese people deeply in the following history until the 20th century. We can talk about that later in other articles.
I will talk about some of my favorite, or famous writers after I simply introduce you to the historical background of 韻文. I am going to lead you to soar in the Chinese literature world by these articles!
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