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Spring Has Sprung! It's Time for Spring Cleaning!

Mar 19, 2020

English Level: Advanced Intermediate/Advanced

Today is Vernal Equinox, the official first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. Whereas the arrival of spring may be welcome news of warmer weather to some, for others it may mean allergic rhinitis. Still, whether you love, hate, like, dislike, or feel apathetic about the arrival of spring, most (at least in the West) would agree, it's time for some spring cleaning! 

While some people in Japan do their annual "deep cleaning" (大掃除) at the start of the new year in January and Taiwan and other countries deep clean in time for the Lunar New Year, in the U.S. and much of Northern Europe, spring means some spring cleaning. Historically, this is because the start of spring meant slightly warmer weather, warm enough to dust and leave windows open. Yet, it wasn't too warm for insects to abound and fly or crawl into the home while the windows were kept open. The ideal in-between temperature of warm, but too cold for arthropods, seems to be one of the main reasons why deep cleaning is done in the spring. 

Although modern window screens can prevent this problem from occurring nowadays, the practice and tradition of cleaning in the springtime remain to this day. Yet, one should remember, cleaning should be done regularly, not only once a year. There are some things that can be left for only once a year. The definitive, ultimate cleaning checklist is below! 

How Often You Should Clean Everything in Your Home

Make bed
 Wash dirty dishes
 Clean the coffee maker (if you drink coffee every day) 
 Wipe down the kitchen counters & table 
 Do laundry, as needed 
 Sweep the kitchen floors 
 Wipe down bathroom surfaces
 Squeegee the shower walls  
 Sanitize the kitchen & bathroom sinks

 Mop the kitchen & bathroom floors 
 Scrub bathroom surfaces
 Clean mirrors
 Dust furniture
 Vacuum floors & furniture 
 Change bedding   
 Toss expired food 
 Wipe down kitchen appliances   
 Clean the microwave 
 Sanitize sponges 

 Vacuum vents & woodwork 
 Dust & clean light fixtures
 Dust blinds
 Clean the dishwasher (if you have one), laundry machine, & vacuum cleaner 

 Wipe down inside of the fridge
 Clean range hood 
 Wash shower curtain liner 
 Clean under & behind furniture
 Clean patio surfaces and furniture 
 Wash pillows & comforters   
 Vacuum mattress  
 Descale coffee maker (if you drink coffee)   
 Freshen drains & garbage disposal 
 Clean inside of the oven 
 Wash your car (if you have one)
 Clean our the freezer 

 Deep clean carpet & upholstery 
 Deep clean windows  
 Clean around dryer & vents 
 Clean drapes & curtains 
 Clear out gutters 
 Clean chimney & fireplace (if you have one) 

So, do you clean often enough? 

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