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Crazy And Funny Facts You Should Know!

Apr 3, 2020

Hello, everyone.

I certainly hope I find you in good health. Because of the global health scare, it has been a hectic couple of weeks.


But, Crazy and Funny Facts You Should Know is back with another piece to help you have a more exciting day.


Today, I have a big surprise for you!


Did you know that;


An eighteenth-century German named Matthew Birchinger, known as "the little man of Nuremberg," played four musical instruments, including the bagpipes, was an expert calligrapher and was the most famous stage magician of his day. He performed tricks with the cup and balls that have never been explained.


Matthew Birchinger had no hands, legs, or thighs, and was less than 29 inches tall!


An amazing feat!


I will leave you with a beautiful quote;


"Of all that is good, sublimity is supreme. Succeeding is the coming together of all that is beautiful. Furtherance is the agreement of all that is just. Perseverance is the foundation of all actions."

-Lao Tzu



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