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Apr 13, 2020

 Hello, everyone. I’m Teacher Asuka.

Today, I’ m going to talk about speaking in English.

In order to speak English fluently like  a native speaker, what things do we need?

Does anyone know the answer?

Well, as you know, English is a language so we use it as a tool of communication. Yes! …We use languages as a tool to communicate with each other.  To realize one of your dreams using English freely, what kind of things should we do?

I’ll suggest you don’t have to memorize many difficult words and phrases as well as grammar knowledge, because you don't have to pass any English exams at all.  That's not your goal at the moment.  Therefore, all you have to do is to practice ordinary patterns of English conversations a lot as well as to memorize the minimum amount of grammar,idioms,words and phrases!!!

Moreover, you should use English as much as possible in your daily life. You need to get used to using it. For example, you can use English when you write something by email, talk with your foreign friends or tourists, read some foreign books, newspapers or magazines, listen to some music or radio programs, watch English movies, dramas  and so on.
Please make sure that you always choose easier words and phrases when you communicate with people or practice speaking in English by yourself aloud .

I’ll recommend you my new English speaking lesson as well as my updated grammar & writing lesson so that you can get some useful information.

I do hope you practice speaking English more and more through these lessons to realize your dreams and create the life that you desire.

Hey, you don’t miss out!!! See you next time!  Happy learning\(^_^)/ 

By Teacher Asuka

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