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Tomoe loves picture books. Vol. 1 ほげちゃん

Jun 11, 2015

 Hi, it's Tomoe.  I love reading books; novels, adventures, mysteries, essays and so on.  I especially adore picture books for children.  They are usually simple stories but funny, exciting, and touching.  Though many think that picutre books are only for children, I believe that adults can enjoy and love them.  They also help us to learn foreign languages and cultures.  I'll introduce some of the picture books I've read in Japanese, English, or Italian.  Let's have fun!

The first picture book I'd like to introduce is

「ほげちゃん」by やぎたみこ 

A little girl Yu-chan has got a new toy doll and the daddy named it Hogechan.  It's, if anything, an ugly doll, but Yu-chan has liked it a lot and keeps it with her every single moment until one day when the family went out leaving Hogechan and their cat Mu- at home .....

First of all, Hogechan is not cute at all but makes me laugh.  The name itself is funny, itsn't it?  When I first saw this book in a store, I gave a look at it because of this strange name and picture.  The story seemed a fairly common up to a certain page where an unexpected thing happened and surprised me.  



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