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Tutor Bernice 's Column

Hello Cafetalk!

May 17, 2020

Hello CafeTalk! I am so excited to expand my online Teaching career on this amazing platform. I have heard many amazing things and can’t wait to be part of the experience. I have years of experience teaching, both in the classroom and online. I have absolutely loved my online teaching career and I am so happy I decided to make the switch from in class teaching to online teaching. Now I have decided to expand my online teaching onto the Cafetalk platform and I’m excited about the new adventure and can’t wait to build up new, wonderful relationships with students. 

If you are looking for a teacher that will fully invest in your learning journey then I am the teacher for you. I believe every student deserves the best learning experience possible, and that is what I always try to give each of my students. I am a kind and engaging teacher, a great listener and encourage my students to speak as much as possible during our lessons. I correct my students in a practical way that will point out the mistake and focus on the correct form. Corrections will feel like a natural part of the conversation and part of the learning experience. I have many years experience working with children and adults of various ages and various English speaking levels. I’ve helped beginners, intermediate and advanced learners gain confidence, improve grammar and expand their vocabulary in a natural and fun way. 

I believe learning happens best when we are relaxed and having fun...so please join me for some fun, relaxed lessons. Let’s share a laugh and learn some English in a fun way!!

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