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Club Penguin

May 22, 2020

Nowadays, I don't use any kind of social media all that often, but when I was a child, I played an online game called Club Penguin. If you were a child growing up in any English-speaking country, there was a high chance that you created a penguin at some point or another!

You could buy all kinds of clothing for your penguin, such as funny hats, scarves, dresses, coats, and shoes. My favorite clothing item was my blue PJ set. 

Here's my penguin! She was always stylish, haha.

On Club Penguin Island, there were many different places that your penguin could explore, including a mine shack, coffee shop, iceberg, and even a dojo.

The most popular place to be was the pizza parlor. It was one of the most popular places to meet up with other players!

My favorite place, however, was the dojo. Even today I still find it very serene and I get calm while looking at it :)

 There was also a plethora of games that you could play while exploring the island. My favorite was mancala inside the coffee shop's book room. The game is tricky at first but after playing for a few times you get the hang of it!

Almost every month, Club Penguin held a different party for its players. Parties could have popular themes such as Christmas, Halloween, and St. Patrick's Day, or as wacky as medieval parties and carnival-themed parties. My personal favorite was always the medieval party. I liked dressing up as a dragon!

Looking back as an adult, I think what made Club Penguin truly special was that it was a game you could enjoy with friends. Even if you lived far apart, you were sick, or if the weather was bad outside, you could still play together on Club Penguin.

Did you have Club Penguin in your country? Have you ever played Club Penguin?

Thank you for reading!

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