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Don't say this! ☆ English like a pro | Business English

Jun 23, 2020

Have you ever been in a situation at work when you had to say "I don't know". How did you feel? Embarrassed? Stressed? Uncomfortable? Let's make sure you never have to feel that way again!

So, here you are - you really need to write that email or probably announce to your client or even to your boss the dreaded "I don't know". 

Nobody likes saying that, needless to say - nobody likes hearing these words either.

And yes, it will make you sound unprofessional and unqualified for the task at hand. "But what can I possibly do in this case?" - you might ask. 

The solution is simple. Whenever possible, try to completely avoid saying "I don't know"!

Depending on the case, use one of the below phrases instead to sound more professional and in control of the situation:

◽ I am not aware of ... ;

◽ I will find out and revert or Let me find out and revert;

◽ I will look into this matter or I have made a note to look into this matter;

◽ This information hasn't been brought to my attention;

◽ You can talk about this with ... ;

Now you are ready to deal with the unknown!

~ Good luck! ~

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