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Frederick the Great

Weekly Topic: Who is your Superhero?

Jun 26, 2020

Another favorite hero of mine is Frederick the Great.  As King of Prussia during the 18th century, Frederick established his reputation on the battlefield.  This was particularly true during the Seven Years’ War, which started in the North American wilderness in 1754, and spread throughout the world as Britain and France fought for global domination in Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, India, and Asia.  As an ally of Britain, Frederick found himself surrounded by enemies who wished for his destruction.  Among the most powerful was France, followed by Austria, Russia, Saxony, and Sweden.  Frederick went from one battle to another, swiftly defeating his rivals and eventually earning the name, “Frederick the Great.” 

While a fearsome warrior, Frederick was also a man of culture, and when not engaged in military affairs, was an accomplished musician who composed over 100 sonatas for the flute and wrote four symphonies.  His legacy remains alive today at his favorite palace, Sanssouci. 


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