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【Weekly Topic】My favourite expression in my native tongue

Weekly Topic: My favorite expression in my native tongue

Jul 13, 2020

Perhaps my favourite Hungarian idiom is
Aki korpa közé keveredik, azt megeszik a disznók.
The rough, literal translation would be
If you get mixed in among wholegrain powder, you'll get eaten by the pigs.
This phrase is quite expressive in its most simple meaning:
If you mix with bad company, you might get into trouble too.
What I like about it is its movie-like quality: one almost sees the person falling in among the grains and getting devoured in whole by the hungry pigs on a farm.
Another interesting aspect is that it has further layers of meaning.
Getting eaten can be taken to mean get into trouble. It can also mean that one becomes part of the pigs. As in, someone hanging out with criminals is likely to get involved with their activities.
In turn, that usually leads to one getting used by others as means.

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