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Good reading on AI and the future for upper-intermediate and advanced readers

Jul 28, 2020

How will our future look? How will the nature of work and employment change when AI replaces most people at their jobs?
This is an easy and engaging, short book on the future of work in a world where AI will replace people in most jobs.

At the moment a considerable number of AI technologies are developed which will lead to mass-unemployment in the near future.
How are societies going to deal with this?
At the moment politicians and the largest companies decide what happens in Japan, the US, and other developed capitalist societies. If things go forward in the same way, it is possible that the humans whose jobs can be replaced by AI will be unemployed in the long term.
Depending on what policies and law we make to control property and the gains made by the easy and cheap labour of AI, we have two radically different options for the future.
One in which people who own AI and the robots live lives of luxury and power, and the rest of society merely gets by on minimal welfare.
And one in which people force politicians to turn the profits of companies made with AI to the benefit of humanity. If this would be the case we could all work on our passions: science, art, invention, good management, providing excellent services, competing with others in sports and other ways. We could do this without having to worry about a livelihood. The enormous potential of AI to make labour cheaper and help in invention could be harnessed for this.
Will there be enough will to twist the hands of our leaders to do what is best for society?
Or will they continue serving the interests of those who finance their political campaigns?
Marshall Brain's short and easy to read book 'Manna' can be find online for free. Check it out.

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