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【Weekly Topic】My favourite poet

Weekly Topic: My Favorite Poet

Aug 1, 2020

My favourite poet in the English speaking world is Tony Harrison. He is a famous contemporary British poet. Harrison wrote many beautiful personal poems and also very impactful public poetry. He wrote against war and against political corruption of minds.
One of his most touching poems is the one about his lonely father. His father still misses his mother and pretends that she is alive. It is a very touching, personal poem. It shows how vulnerable and sensitive we all are inside.
My favourite political poem by Harrison is the one he wrote against the first Iraq war. The Americans and the British were using bombing techniques which caused a lot of damage not only to military but also to civilians. It was also a brutal destruction of an opposing, much less developed army. A cruel use of unfair advantage.
It is a shocking poem, but that is why it could be impactful and could influence people.
Honesty is important when talking about serious topics.
Among Japanese poets I admire Shuntaro Tanikawa.
His poem 'Prayer' is a beautiful hymn to piece.
Contemporary Japanese literature can also be proud. There are many talented, fascinating poets. I would recommend to everyone Yasuhiro Yotsumoto and Hiromi Kawakami. 

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