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Travel Hacks for Girls

Weekly Topic: Travel Hacks

Aug 10, 2020

Hello girls out there!
I travelled the world for over six years of my life and many people I met asked me for travel tips and hacks. It turns out that most of them were women, probably due to the added difficulties to be a female traveller.
Here you have a very nice video I found with extensive advice, which can be summarised as follows:
- Menstruation: try using mooncups, carry spare tampons and, if you often have cramps, a hot water bottle.
- Birth Control: if you take pills, use phone alarms or reminder apps like myPill.
- Painkillers: ibuprofen is a good choice in general but, in certain cases, paracetamol would be a better option.
- Mini Hair Accesories: there are tiny hair dryers and straighteners in the market, check them out!
- Mini Size Toiletries: soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, body milk and almost everything you may need.
- Dry Shampoo: great for situations in which you have no access to water or no time to dry your hair.
- Coconut Oil: versatile moisturiser for lips, skin, hair and almost any body part that needs hydrating.
- Caps and Hats: if your hair does not look amazing, use this all-time dirty trick.
- Personal Alarm: to keep your belongings safe in places with many pickpockets.
There are a couple of items I would add depending on the destination:
- Sarongs: great for the beach (towel), Muslim countries (head cover), night travel (sheet), etc.
- Pepper Spray: in case you travel solo in not-so-safe countries... but check local laws for regulations first!
Safe travels!

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