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Aug 18, 2020

Be it a novel about a haunted car, a movie about evil possession or a game versus zombies, horror is a definitely a popular and money making entertainment that's here to stay. Experts even say that this kind of  amusement can actually have mental health benefits.
Horror scenes tap and exploit what researchers call as the evolved fear system. This is an ancient survival process that's made up of learned emotional and physical responses and strategies that humans and other animals use to defend against threats to survival. Getting frightened increases our self-awareness and helps us understand our weaknesses or strengths and their limits. The hyper alertness and fear that this system produces can make us feel alive and has kept the human race from being extinct in a dangerous world.
Confronting our deepest fears make us learn and improve coping skills that we can apply in critical real life situations at home, school, work, etc. Psychologists say that hardcore horror fans for example build up some resistance from fear through frequent exposure, which some suggest can create a sense of mastery that we could use when faced with negative stimulation. Horror can also us help manage anxieties and natural aggression in a more acceptable and healthier way.
So the next time you watch a J-horror flick, keep in mind that it can be in effect, a way of adjusting or reconditioning those ancient survival instincts for daily living.
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