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Welcome to my Online Early Learners Classroom!

Aug 31, 2020

Welcome to my online Early Learners Classroom!

I am pleased that you have taken the time to stop by.

My online classroom is a space where children can learn English through their own interests in a fun and engaging way. A space where children can be in charge of what they are learning or want to learn about. My lessons are always arranged to cater for the individual student and their needs.I use a variety of materials including stories, puppets, videos, sounds, and a lot of visual aids.


My lessons are structured in three sections.

Firstly, we  explore the content of the lesson. (this can be a story, sounds, videos, writing , letters or whatever the initial material is for the lesson). I invite parents to also have an input on what their childs interests are so that the 'learning 'can be base don the childs interest.

The second part of the lesson is where the child is invited to participate in an interactice discussion in relation to the material/content. This section of the lesson will depend on the age and English level of the child/children.This part of the lesson is important as it allows for room for their interpretation of the “learning”. I ask prompting questions and encourage children to talk and ask questions about what they just observed or learnt. Often children who are more outgoing will lead the conversation.

Lastly, the activity. It is important for children to ‘get involved’ in the learning process. Activities will be lesson based and age appropriate. The aim of the activity is to tie the whole lesson together so that children will have a better understanding of the content being taught.

Thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful week! =)

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