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Do What You Love to Love What You Do! (好きなことをするとより楽にできるようになります。)

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Aug 31, 2020

Honestly, I did not mean this as a cliche, but rather something that has happened to me personally as a student back then. There are many factors that can decide whether we can study a certain subject well or not, including, but not limited to, the difficulty of the units being learned, the teacher's method, our own interests, etc. However, as long as we like that subject, we will at least have the drive and motivation to learn on our own regardless of our talent or aptitude for it.

I have experienced having a not so good teacher teaching my favorite subjects back then, which were Math and English. It was tough, but since I loved those subjects, I was able to tell myself to learn it on my own and get good grades. Loving to do something affects your aptitude in learning it, and trust me, it will also apply even when you are not a student anymore. As a matter of fact, despite becoming an online tutor for a living currently, I am still learning many things. Chess, Piano, Algorithms, Programming (C, C#, Java, Python, Kotlin, etc.), Front-end Developing (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), Economics, even TEACHING, are some of the many things that I still want to learn even more. As I am a logical person, I really love all of those things, and I truly wish that I can teach or help other people with those skills.

You don't have to be a hardcore learner or the same as I am, but the most important thing is, just try and find the things that you can cherish or enjoy the most, and master them. Life is about learning, and the more skills you have, the more successful and happy you may become. We never know when something can be useful, but it's better to know it when the needs arise.

I wish for the best for all of you, and I pray that you can find the things that you can love doing.




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