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【Weekly Topic】Send Positive Messages to School-goers!

Weekly Topic: Send Positive Messages to School-goers!

Sep 3, 2020

Dear students returning to school!
I wish you a cheerful, successful, and stress-free year.
I hope you make many friends, will enjoy good conversations and learn about new, interesting things.
When it all seems too hard, remind yourself how many things you and your family members have already done. You can do it too!
And try to look at the positive side of school. The things that you learn can help you later to really understand the world around you. They can open the doors to good careers, fun studies and research, travels, and meeting new exciting people.
Also, don't worry if not everything goes super well at first. Just keep trying and you'll get the hang of it. Some things need patience and practice.
Don't believe people who say 'you don't have talent' or 'you're not good at maths/history/computer science/sports/etc.' Maybe you're not going to be the top scientist or an Olympic goldmedal winner. But that's not what matters in life. It's OK.
Most people live happy lives if they can just do things well enough. And that's only a question of patience, not of talent. Even talented people will fail if they don't practice. And people who practice will always succeed.
Also, don't let other people get you down. No one has the right to annoy or hurt you. If you are facing any problems, talk about it with your friends and parents. They like you and will try to help you. You can also read about how to take care of yourself on this site
Accept yourself, think about your goals and what interests you, and you'll go through school alright!

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