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Croissant or baguette for breakfast?

Aug 27, 2015 | 2 Comments

French people are internationally known for the baguette and the croissant, but which one do they have for breakfast?

People around the world often think that French people eat croissants every morning and then, they wonder how they can stay so slim. Simply because they don’t have a croissant every day for breakfast!

Croissant is eaten as an exception, for instance to:
celebrate the Sunday family or friends reunion
have a little snack in the afternoon when you are outside
gather coworkers from time to time (for a birthday, a leave, a promotion, …)
bring when you visit a friend or a family member in the morning
enjoy what the hotel offers when you are on a trip

While the baguette is much more common for breakfast, as any other bread.

French people have breakfast at home before going to work or school. It usually consists in a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea with slices of bread spread with butter or jam. On Sundays, breakfast may be more elaborate with a bit of cheese, a selection of breads, some fruits and pastries (croissant, pain au chocolat, sweet bun). Because French people value meals, they may take 20 to 30 minutes for breakfast every day and sometimes an hour in the weekend.

Did you know it? French people love to dip their slice of bread in their cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea.

And what’s the typical breakfast in your country?

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