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Colours of Bexhill: Part One

Sep 10, 2020

Reading difficulty: gentle

Tip: Read everything first. Try to guess the meaning of words. Look at the pictures to help you. Finally, check the words in your dictionary.


You know the names of colours in English: red, yellow, blue, green, orange… But what about the different shades of colour? When we learn a foreign language we learn the basic colours but then we stop. It’s a pity to stop when there are so many wonderful colours. Let’s fix that. I’m going to take you on a short walk in Bexhill town centre so we can talk about colours. Are you wearing a good pair of shoes? Then let’s begin.


We start here at a seafood shop called the Angry Whelk. What is an angry whelk? Look at the right-hand side of the shop sign and have a guess. What colour is the shop sign? Yes, it’s blue, but what shade of blue? It’s not dark blue, it’s light blue. OK, that’s a start: light and dark. I think we can also call this blue sky blue. By the way, a person who has a seafood shop is called a fishmonger. Can you read ‘fishmongers’ in the picture?

Conversation questions:

Is blue a good colour for a fishmonger? Why?

Do you like seafood? Do you like all types of seafood? What about whelks?


Now we are outside Ward’s which sells clothes. It’s September so the kids are back at school. You can buy school uniforms from Ward’s. Outside the Angry Whelk we talked about light and dark blue. So what colour are the sweaters and cardigan? Yes, they are dark blue, but what’s the name for this dark blue? Navy blue, but we can just say navy. Now look at the other school uniforms…


What colour are the sweater and cardigans? Yes, they are dark green, but what’s the name for this dark green? It’s bottle green. I think it’s a lovely colour.

Conversation questions:

Do you like navy or bottle green? Why/why not?

Do you wear navy or bottle green clothes?

What colour was your school uniform?


In part two we will continue our walk in Bexhill and our conversation about colours…

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