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Colours of Bexhill: Part Two

Sep 11, 2020

Reading difficulty: gentle

Tip: Read everything first. Try to guess the meaning of words. Look at the pictures to help you. Finally, check the words in your dictionary.


In Part One we looked at school uniforms in a shop window in Bexhill. We saw bottle green uniforms and navy uniforms.
Here are some more school uniforms. Are the jackets navy? The ties are stripy (adjective) or striped (adjective). They have stripes (noun). Nice uniforms, aren’t they?


On the other side of the road is a shop called Priceless. It’s painted green. Do you agree this is bottle green? Or should we say forest green?
Above the shop are flats (apartments) and these are painted white. No, that’s not right. Yellow? No, that’s not right either. Some people call this colour beige and some people call it cream. In the UK you often see houses and flats painted beige/cream.
Next to Priceless is a café. Let’s have a look at it…


What colour is this café? Green-blue? Blue-green? This colour is called teal. It’s a popular colour in the UK at the moment. In fact, I have a teal jacket.
This café is closed. Let’s find another.

Conversation questions:

What colours are popular in your country at the moment?

Why do you think so many people paint their houses cream?

Do you like teal? For clothes? For furniture?


We cross the road and see this café. Is this red? No, not really. It’s the colour of red wine so I say it’s burgundy. Some people might say it is maroon. What do you think?
But this café’s closed too. I know somewhere else we can go. Follow me…

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