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Ace your job or university interview!! Part 25

Sep 14, 2020

Hi, over the next few weeks I will be publishing regular advice on how to ace your job / university / MBA, or PhD interview. If you would like to book a lesson with me, I will provide you with a 28 page document that I have written with some sample questions and advice on how to answer them. In these articles that I am publishing, you will find a group of questions and the appropriate advice on how to answer them, and in some cases you will even find some sample answers. During a lesson, I will go through the questions with you, let you answer as if you were in an interview environment and then I will check, and if necessary, correct the content of your answer. I hope you find the following information useful and I really look forward to seeing you online if you choose a class with me! I am also offering a 20% discount for any new students for ANY of my lessons. 

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Flow logically and smoothly through the following categories with the answer containing the details answering the direct question asked and highlighting the points you are trying to emphasise. 


·        Tell me about yourself / walk me through your resume / walk me through your career to date.


The interviewer will want to know why you are applying to the university at this stage in your career. If you are a mature student, explain how your career led you to this point and why you think that the course is ideal for you at this stage of your life.


·        How did you choose your profession/company?


Try to sound like your chosen career is your passion and that from an early age this is what you have wanted.  Explain the reasoning behind your career choice and try to give solid background information on how and why you chose this particular path.


·        What has been the most significant achievement in your career?

Highlight achievements that you have made in your life either academically or in the workplace and explain what the impact of those achievements made on yourself, your peers and the company you are/working for.

·      What was the most significant failure in your career? What did you learn from it?

Be honest about your failure, however try to explain a personal failure where you felt you had let yourself down and not others or your company. Do not talk about failing any academic exams or failing to achieve your desired mark in an assessment.


·      What are your short-term and long-term goals?


If you are embarking on a further education course, you should at least have some plans for what you want to do immediately after the course has finished. Some will have ambitious plans, others will want to resume a career they left to do.

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