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【Weekly Topic】My Favorite Cafes & Restaurants

Weekly Topic: My Favorite Cafes & Restaurants

Sep 16, 2020

When I moved to Tokyo one of the first things I wanted to find was a place to relax.
A place that's not too busy, is close to my office at Keio Uni, and most importantly: that has good coffee.
Also, I prefer cafes that are relaxed, and where I can feel that I have a relationship with the staff and other regulars.
But I don't want to talk too much to them.
Just a normal grownup, owner-regular guest relationship.
Luckily for me I found Passage.
Passage is owned and run by one of the best roasters and baristas in Japan, and in the world.
Hi name is Sasaki-san, and he won the 2014's World Aeropress Championship.
Since then he has been on the jury for many international and national coffee competitions.

The staff at the shop are friendly, always greeting people with a kind smile.
Sasaki-san also trains them very well.
Everyone can make lovely lattes, espressos with a kick, and excellent drips.
Drips and aeropress are their specialty, so do try them.
They grind the coffee freshly.
The whole process is exquisite.
It is immersive to watch them prepare their brews with respect and concentration.

Passage is a simple place.
The atmosphere is quite and relaxed.
There are people from the uni, the nearby companies, and local moms and dads, couples, and pensioners.
And it is dog friendly.

It is a small place, but usually it isn't too crowded.
There is a nice flow of people.
They also have takeaway and tasty bakeries.

My favourtie way to relax was to take a good book and visit them.
Select something flavourful from the splendid beans on offer.
Usually Colombian, Costa Rican, or Ethiopian. Sometimes Kenyan.
Then just enjoy the coffee and read my book for half an hour, or take some notes in my journal.

I also invited to Passage my wife and some close friends, colleagues and students.
It felt like sharing a nice thing with them.
If you like good coffee I can confidently recommend you Passage.
You can check out their website and IG too

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