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Colours (and patterns) of Bexhill: Part Three

Sep 23, 2020 | 2 Comments

 Reading difficulty: gentle

Tip: Read everything first. Try to guess the meaning of words. Look at the pictures to help you. Finally, check the words in your dictionary.


In Part Two we saw two cafés in Bexhill: one was teal and the other burgundy, but they were both closed. We are looking for a café that is open. Let’s continue our walk…


To get to the café we must go past a barber’s. Can you see the red and white pole outside the barber’s? It has stripes, it is stripy.


Here is the café. What is the main colour in this café? Purple. But look at the different shades of purple here. Look at the swing doors to the kitchen and look at the table cloth. The swing doors are a darker purple than the table cloth. The table cloth is light purple. This light purple is called lilac, but some people might call it lavender. What about the pattern? It’s not striped, it has polka dots. I like polka dots – what about you?


Near the café is a pub. We know it is a cool and trendy place because it is dark grey. If you think you are cool and you want your shop, bar or house to look trendy you paint it dark grey. This is a popular colour in the UK for people and places that want to be cool. What do you think of this colour?

Conversation questions:

Which colours and patterns are best for cafés?

Do you have anything with stripes or polka dots on it? Which do you prefer: stripes or polka dots? Why?

What colours are cool and trendy in your country? Do you like these colours? Why / why not?


Before we say goodbye I want to show you something in my house. There’s a mouse in my house! Help me! No, I don’t want you to catch or kill it. I want you to look at it. What colour is the mouse’s jacket? Is it mauve or magenta or what? Please write your ideas below. Thank you. Goodbye!

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