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Sep 29, 2020

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Often it is helpful for students to learn about examples of other students that succeeded in reaching their goals. One of my former students, Haruto, was a college students that wanted to be able to comfortably hold daily conversations in English. He liked to watch movies and particularly he liked Hollywood movies. We had a group conversation class together once a week. When he began taking my class his English conversation was at a beginner level. I gave him homework and practicing advice which he did weekly and said was very helpful. In addition to this Haruto watched the Harry Potter movies repeatedly. He would sit down with paper, listen to the movies in English and take notes. He did this over and over again, every week, until he said he had practically memorized them. Within one year his listening and speaking ability grew immensely. He was able to very quickly move up to more difficult classes and was able to comfortably hold conversation in them. Haruto is an excellent example of a student taking something they enjoy and applying to their lessons successfully.

I hope this example is helpful to you. Do you have your own example of studying success? Please let me know! If you are interested in learning English check out my profile at Cafetalk.com where I offer private tutoring.


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