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Oct 5, 2020

  1.  散歩しながら物の名前を英語で考えてみましょう。見たものを英語にするのはもちろん、色、乗り物や植物などとテーマを決めるのもおすすめです。
  2. 運動をする時、英語でカウントダウン・アップしてみましょう。また、英語版のビデオを見ながらエクササイズするのもいいでしょう。
  3. 英語で日常生活のアクティビティを描写してみましょう。例えば、歯磨き、朝ごはんの準備や靴を履くなど、英語で言ってみるのもいいです。
  4. 趣味がありますか?興味のある事柄と結びつけて英語を学んでいくのはとても効果的です。
  5. 部屋にある物に英単語メモを貼り付けるはどうですか?名詞や動詞、どちらでもいいです。




Finding small chances to study in your daily life can be very beneficial. A little studying everyday can add up by the end of the week, so lets think of some ways we can include English learning in normal activities. 

  1. While taking a walk identify things around you. You can be broad and identify everything you can think of or you can narrow your focus to specific categories like colors, vehicles, plants, etc. 
  2. If you exercise count your reps or watch workout instructions in English. 
  3. Try to describe your activities in English. Maybe a few words to describe your teeth brushing, breakfast preparing, or even putting on shoes. 
  4. If you have other hobbies you can check out those hobbies in English. Learning English about something your are familiar with can be helpful. 
  5. Put notes around your house that label objects in English. Maybe even put notes with verbs that connect to the object like “Turn off/on” next to a light switch. 
Can you think of any ideas on how to include small bits of studying in your daily life? Let me know what you think. If you are interested in learning English check out my profile at Cafetalk.com where I offer private tutoring.

- Darren

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