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Halloween Video Lesson 25% Off + Stream News

Oct 27, 2020

Special Jack Detroit Announcement (The above clips is from his YouTube live stream)
Jack Detroit is celebrating Halloween with all of you! He is doing special events through the week for all students to encourage English speaking practice and to learn more about Halloween!
Starting this week-Jack is selling his Halloween lesson for 25% off! This includes a video, a podcast, reading material, handouts and worksheets, and 50 minutes lecture time with Jack!
On Halloween night, all night, he will be live streaming from his YouTube and Twitch channels for a special 12 hours stream!
-Read aloud of ghost stories! SFW and OK for children
-showing short clips of the video included in the Halloween lesson (you have to buy the Halloween lesson if you want to watch the whole video)
-Q&A about Halloween in America with a free Skype call in, this day ONLY!
-playing silly Halloween games, not too scary

During the live stream, Jack will be LIVE STANDBY for only the Halloween lesson. If you want to take the Halloween lesson, you can go to CafeTalk and find him on Standby and choose the lesson. Jack will take a break to teach the lesson.

Lesson coupon codes is below!
Coupon Name: Halloween Haunted Coupon25
Code: 145d5f7a
Discount Rate: 25%
For Lesson: Jack Detroit Holiday Lesson: Halloween
Effective for lessons conducted between: Oct 26, 2020 ~ Oct 29, 2020
URL: http://cafetalk.com/coupons/detail/?id=2133018&lang=en
(GMT-04:00 DST New York) 

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