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A sign of beauty

Nov 7, 2020

Dear English students,

Sometimes my writing is more difficult to read, sometimes it is easier. This time it is easier. Read everything first, try to guess words then look in your dictionary. Enjoy!

Samuel C


You want to cross a river. How do you do it? If the river is deep you could find a bridge, take a boat or swim. If the river is shallow you could walk or drive across it. What is the name of the part of the river that is so shallow you can walk or drive across it? Ford.

You can see a ford in the photograph below. I took this photo last year when I visited a lavender farm. Near the lavender farm is a village called Eynsford, it has a bridge and a ford. Which would you choose?

A person can use a ford and so can an ox. Look at the photo below (taken in a market). Can you see an ox and a ford? This ox and ford is the emblem of a city in the UK. Can you guess the city?

I recently taught English in Oxford and one of my favourite things was the street signs. Look carefully at the street signs below. You will see the ox and ford. But that is not the reason I love these street signs. Where I am from street signs usually have black lettering on a white background, but in Oxford they have white lettering on a black background. These street signs are striking and their lettering is gorgeous. Look at that ‘W’! What do you reckon?



l  deep   adjective    long distance from top to bottom

l  shallow   adjective   short distance from top to bottom

l  lavender   noun    a plant with sweet-smelling bluish-purple flowers

l  emblem   noun    a symbol or badge

l  striking   adjective    very noticeable or very attractive

l  gorgeous   adjective    very beautiful

l  reckon   verb    What do you reckon? = What do you think?  I reckon… = I think…

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