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What I Learned in 2020

Weekly Topic: Personal Reflection on 2020

Montag, 28. Dezember 2020, 12:27

Wow! 2020 was such an unusual year, wasn't it? We had a lot of negative news from around the world.

During this time though, with the year ending, I think that it is important to try to look at the positive side of things. With this year being such a challenge, I think that many of us were able to learn new things. This year was kind of like a test. Tests aren't fun, but they do help us learn what parts of our studies need to be improved.

So, I would like to talk about what I learned in 2020.

First, I learned yoga. During 2020, I needed some exercise to help me destress. I tried many kinds of exercise, but for me, yoga was the best. I like Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. Every time I felt stressed this year, her videos helped me feel better.

I also learned about nail art. I have always liked drawing, painting, and other types of art. Sometimes though, when I finish a piece of art, I do not know what to do with it. Do I hang it on a wall in my house? Do I throw it away in the garbage? With nail art though, you don't have to worry! You can just enjoy the art for a week and then wash it away! I like the HoloTaco brand of nail polishes. This company has videos on YouTube about nail art, too.

Finally, I learned about what I like to study. I have started to learn about linguistics again, which is what I studied in University. My passion for linguistics has been reignited. I remembered how much I like Morphology, Syntax, Phonology, and more. One way I did this was by watching a YouTube series called Crash Course Linguistics.

Though this year was not the best year, I did learn a lot. I hope that I can keep learning about these three things and more in the next year, 2021.

How about you? What did you learn in 2020? 

Here are all of the videos that I mentioned in my article! Check them out!

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