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New Year, Old Headache

Weekly Topic: Things you always do on New Year's Days

Jan 16, 2021

If you're like me, New Years Eve is a time to have a big party with good friends, good food, fun games, and lots of drinks. Unfortunately, this means starting the new year with a very bad headache to remind you of the old year. On New Years Day, you can find me drinking water, taking a painkiller, and promising that "I will NEVER drink again." But my birthday is in February, so that resolution doesn't last long!

If you also have a bad hangover (二日酔い) on New Years Day, here are a few good phrases to talk about it in English:

My head is killing me! 頭が死ぬほど痛い
I'm going to quit drinking. 酒をやめるつもり
My head is pounding like a drum. 頭がドラムのように叩いています

According to one survey, 15% of Americans plan to reduce their drinking as a new years resolution. The most popular resolution? More exercise. Just don't go to the gym with a hangover!


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