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Weekly Topic: My Way of Relaxing

Jan 18, 2021

In a time like now, it is hard to relax. There is so much to do and the pandemic environment makes it pretty difficult to be at ease. 
However, i think it's vital to ensure eveyone rests at times. 

These days to relax, I read books or watch videos on Netflix or Youtube. However, as a language learner, I still watch or read Chinese content even when I relax!!! (Maybe some people would say I'm not relaxing...)
I also workout. Rather than to relax, i exercise to ensure my mental health and physical health are both up to standard.

Today, i baked a blueberry and lemon cake! It was relaxing, but I couldn't do it frequently. 

Mainly, my method of relaxing is sleeping. When I have a lot of time to spare, i'll take the opportunity to have a nap, or simply just an early night. I think on average, i probably get around 9-10 hours of sleep collectively in a day. 

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