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I love gardening

Weekly Topic: My Way of Relaxing

Jan 20, 2021

When I want to relax, I take a walk around my garden. I enjoy planting seeds and watching them grow.  I like removing wilted flowers to improve the look of my plants and encourage new growth.  I like experimenting with different seeds every spring and learning about the plants that grow best. I think the easiest plants to grow from seed are nasturtiums, snapdragons, and petunias. It has taken me about 15 years to guide and grow my garden to this level. I grow mostly perennials, which means they return each spring. My favourite plants are lupine. The flowers come in many colours, they are low maintenance, and they generate many new seeds every year.
When plants become too big, I divide them and share them with my neighbour. She gives me plants in return. During the cold winter months here in Canada, I look after my indoor plants, such as pothos, vines, and hibiscus. Here are some photos from my garden last summer.  Do you enjoy gardening? What are your favourite plants or flowers? 

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