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Magical 'iced café latte'

Weekly Topic: Are you a tea drinker? or a coffee drinker?

Jan 29, 2021

Hello from Taka!  This week’s theme has happened to catch my eye.  I wonder whether I am a coffee or tea drinker?  The answer should be the drinker of both. :-)  To be precise, I am a drinker of a wide variety of drinks, including tea (both black and green), coffee, all kinds of soft drinks, and freshly squeezed fruit juice, etc.

This time, I am delighted to share with you my favorite coffee menu, which is ‘iced café latte’ (see the picture above).  Although I do not have a decent café latte machine, I make it in a unique way.  Actually, I make it a rule to serve one for myself every morning that always gives me a moment of joy and energy to start the day.

For your information, I am delighted to share with you the recipe as follows:

1.    Prepare the following ingredients:

Chilled coffee (Any kind will do, but bitter ones are always better)

Chilled milk

Raw sugar (I sometimes use honey for a change ^^v)

A pinch of salt (This will add depth and thickness in taste)

A small amount of cinnamon powder (Magic flavor)

Pour all the above into a plastic bottle, and shake it multiple times.

In this process, all the ingredients will be mixed nicely, and the ‘bubbles’ that emerged will provide an authentic touch.


3.    Pour the content into a glass.

For your preference, you can add some ice cubes.


4.    Enjoy the most pleasing taste while listening to ‘canzone’!


I am afraid this is by no means a proper recipe, but ‘2. The shaking process’ may add an extra value to the drink.  Please let me hear your feedback once you have given it a try.

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