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Relaxing with LEGO

Weekly Topic: My slightly unique hobbies

Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2021, 01:12

One of my slightly unique hobbies is building LEGO models.

LEGO was my favourite toy when I was a kid, and in 2019 I found out that it is also a good investment. I bought some sets to resell, but eventually I got curious and opened one!

It was so nostalgic, and I had a lot of fun. It was a really nice way to relax, so I started a LEGO club at the school where I was teaching, and the staff had a LEGO social event, too!

Eventually, I got into LEGO photography. It was a little embarrassing at first because people often stopped to watch me, but I got more comfortable talking to them about it. Sometimes kids would come over to play with the models that I was photographing.

In 2020, many people had to stay inside because of lockdowns, and LEGO became a very popular hobby to do at home. The LEGO company started making more and more sets for adults, too. These days, many new sets sell out on the first day, so it seems like a lot of people are remembering the magic of LEGO!

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