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Talking about your hobbies in English

Feb 5, 2021

This week’s column topic is My slightly unique hobbies, so for anyone studying English, here are some expressions that you can use to talk about your hobbies!

  • take up = begin doing s.t.
  • get into = become involved in s.t.
  • look into = investigate / find more information about s.t.
  • sign up (for) = register for s.t.
  • be into = be interested in s.t.
  • get serious about = try harder at s.t. / use more time or effort for s.t.
  • be obsessed with = be unable to stop doing s.t. / always think about s.t.
  • give up = quit/stop doing s.t.

Here’s an example:

When I was in high school, I was really into martial arts, so I took up kickboxing. I signed up for lessons at a gym and went once a week. In the beginning, I got tired really quickly, so I got serious about training every day. After a couple of years, I had made a lot of progress. I even joined a few competitions. It was fun, but I gave up kickboxing when I graduated from high school and moved to a new city.

Here’s another example:

I got into playing foosball about nine years ago. My co-worker taught me to play. Soon I started looking into some techniques online and trying to improve my skills. I really wanted to beat my co-worker! For a few years, I was obsessed with it, and I practiced almost every day during my lunch break. When my co-worker quit, I didn’t give up, but I definitely played a lot less.

I hope this will help you to talk about your hobbies in English!


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