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(鷹の一生に学ぶ)Should you be an animal?

Weekly Topic: If you were an animal, it would be...?

Feb 14, 2021

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Hello everyone. Its Teacher Asuka.

If you would be an animal, which animal would you be?

As for myself, I would be ’a hawk’.

You may think 'hawks' are known as baseball team's name, or you may know one of the famous sayings such as 'A wise hawk hides it claws'. 

Before I’m going to tell you about hawks' life below, I'll show you the reason why I would be 'a hawk' as follows: I've come alive again since I got over my severe sickness almost 7 years ago.

When it comes to hawks, I’ve read an interesting book about their life. I’ll show you some tips from the book I read before.

According to the story, (they say it may be just a fiction), there are 2 stages in hawks’ life in general. 

The first longevity of its life is 35 years. At the first stage, the half number of the hawks will die due to the weakness of their claws, wings, and a beak. In such a situation, hawks can’t get any preys at all because they can’t fly in the air to catch them.

Only the rest of the hawks, which has broken their claws, wings, and a beak also by themselves will be able to live to be 70 years. It means that they will be born again.

Yes, it's reborn.

That's the 2nd stage. 

What a story it is!

To sum up, I think that the hawks’ story tells us the courage to change the things we can and the wisdoms to live our own lives for the future happiness.

Thank you for reading (or listening) this time as well.

Hope to see you again soon!  

Have a happy learning!

Bye for now.

Teacher Asuka


What do you think about the main idea after reading the column above? To pick up 'a word' is alright.

If you find the answer, would you give me some coments below?  I'm happy to answer you if it's possible. 

*****Thank you******

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