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The biggest adventure in my life - Japan

Feb 22, 2021

I have travelled to many countries in my life, but the biggest adventure I had was moving to Japan to teach English after I finished university.

I had already lived in other countries - New Zealand, Germany and Spain, but Japan was a totally different culture and language to Englsh - more different than anything I had experienced before.

Japanese culture has many similarities to British culture in terms of politeness, respect and punctuality; but it also has many differences. The food and language were totally new to me. 
So my life in Japan was at first, scary, but exciting and interesting too.

I stayed for one year working in a Junior High School in Chiba prefecture, and then returned to Japan a few years later to stay for two more years teaching in a private language school in Kanagawa prefecture.

Japan and the Japanese people have taught me so much about myself and about cultural differences and understanding other people.

I'd love to hear about the biggest adventure in your life too!

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