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Talking about your adventures in English

Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2021, 06:04

This week’s column topic is The biggest adventure in my life, so for anyone studying English, here is some grammar that you can use to talk about your adventures!

Superlative adjective - the biggest, the best, the most interesting, etc.
Past simple tense - visited, ate, went, etc.
Relative clause - the coolest thing (that) I saw

It is common to use superlative adjectives to talk about our amazing experiences and adventures. For example...
  • The biggest adventure in my life was visiting Japan for the first time.
  • Visiting Japan for the first time was the biggest adventure in my life.
You can also say…
  • The biggest adventure in my life was when I visited Japan for the first time.
  • The biggest adventure in my life was my trip to Japan.
You can also use past simple tense in a relative clause to describe your adventure. A relative clause can ‘connect’ to a noun and give more information about it. For example…
  • The best food (that) I ate in Japan was unagi. (The relative clause ‘connects’ to the noun ‘food’.)
  • Dazaifu was the busiest place (that) I visited in Japan. (The relative clause ‘connects’ to the noun ‘place’.)
Sometimes you might want to use ‘one of…’, ‘two of…’, ‘some of…’, etc. with superlative adjectives. Here are some examples:
  • One of the most interesting things (that) I did in Tokyo was learning how to make woodblock prints. (I did many interesting things and this was one of them.)
  • Some of the most surprising things (that) I noticed in Japan were happoshu and subway station music. (I noticed many surprising things and these were some of them.)
Relative clauses are very useful, and I encourage you to learn more about them! You can also learn how to use them with present perfect tense to make sentences about the most amazing things in your life! For example...
  • The craziest thing (that) I’ve (ever) done is…
  • The best trip (that) I’ve (ever) taken is...
I hope this will help you to talk about your adventures in English!


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