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Stuck in Nara

Weekly Topic: The biggest adventure in my life

Feb 27, 2021

Every young man or a woman does adventurous things in their youth. That is what youth is about. It is about testing the limits.

Specifically, while in Japan and while being a part of the host family, I had some great adventures with my host grandfather, whole wanted me to call him Ji-Kun. Although he was 75 years old his eyes always had excitement shining. 

One time he took me to Nara Todai-ji temple and when we came to the special pillar with the hole, he said - "Paul, go through the hole and you will have good health." I was thinking - "Or I will have some broken bones...." So I told him while bluffing - " If you go Ji-Kun, I will go too."  Ji-Kun took the challenge and without much effort, he got through the hole.

It was my turn however to squeeze my 85 kilo body through the hole. I got on my knees and started squeezing and twisting and turning through the hole. Naturally, I got stuck and was thinking that I will be stuck in Nara forever. However, Ji-Kun pushed me and it was like being born again:)

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