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Skiing in Georgia - My Biggest Adventure!

Weekly Topic: The biggest adventure in my life

Feb 28, 2021

Globetrotter - someone who travels a lot 
We were looking forward to it - we were excited about doing something
Pretty normal - pretty used in this way means 'very': very normal, nothing special
Mediocre - average, not so great
Letdown - disappointment
rundown - bad condition/poor quality/ not taken care of

past simple (used to talk about a specific point in time): 'I went/ we ate/ we went skiing'

Skiing in Georgia
Right before COVID started in Europe, my partner and I travelled to Georgia! We went on a yoga and skiing trip organized by one of my friends, who is a globetrotter. 

It was our first time in Georgia, and we were really excited to experience a new and different country and culture.

We both love skiing and we both do a lot of yoga, so we were really looking forward to it.

First, we arrived in Tbilisi, which is the capital of Georgia. We stayed in a pretty normal hotel, and the food was mediocre. We had high expectations of food because we heard that Georgian food is really delicious. 

In Tbilisi, we visited ancient and beautiful churches. We also went to a thermal hot spring one night, where my friend burnt his hand on the charcoal in the sauna!

Sadly, the food was not as we anticipated, and we found it quite heavy and average, so that was a big letdown. Especially since I don't eat meat, it was hard for me to find dishes to eat. 

Also, we found communication a little difficult. Most people in Georgia speak Georgian and a lot of people speak Russian, but barely anyone could speak English.

Georgia is a little run-down, so a lot of things are still low quality - for example, at the ski slopes, the bathrooms were in pretty bad condition. 

But, the skiing itself was amazing - the slopes were beautiful and empty, and the weather was really nice! 

Guess what our favourite meal there was?
Ramen! (Haha!) 

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