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What's your cup of tea?

Mar 5, 2021

I don't like coffee. It's not my cup of tea !! What a strange thing to say.

In English we say something is 'not my cup of tea' if we don't like it. This is another idiom - a phrase that has a different meaning to the actual words we use.

I am from England, and I love tea - what a stereotype!

My favourite tea is Earl Grey. I like to drink it weak and black. I also use leaf tea and a tea ball.

I stopped using tea bags a few years ago, as a step towards being more environmentally aware of my choices.

Do you drink tea or coffee or both?  What is your favourite blend or flavour?

Why not join me for a cup of tea and a chat?  Book a consultation or a trial lesson with me. First lessons are mostly around half-price.

I look forward to meeting you and enjoying a cup of tea!


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