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Opera Singer's Favourite Music - Opera?

Weekly Topic: Memorable music for you

Mar 16, 2021

The answer: Yes! 

Sung -> past tense of sing 
requires -> needs 
tricky -> not easy 
to know something by heart  -> to have it memorized
to know something or someone inside out -> to know it/them very well 

My most memorable music is the music that I've sung on stage. 

It's memorable because I practised it for hours and hours, remembering every detail about the music! 

I had to memorize the dynamics (piano or forte), the lyrics (in Italian), the translations, the rhythm, and also, my actions!

I sometimes had to dance while singing too! This was also a little tricky because it requires a lot of coordination.

One of my favourite places that I sang was in a small, beautiful theatre in Italy. 
I was the 'main role,' the primadonna, so it was a lot of pressure, but our group of musicians was amazing and easygoing. We were performing Rossini's La Scala di Seta. It's a romantic comedy and it's absolutely hilarious.

By the end of our tour, I really knew the music completely by heart and inside out. I knew everybody's lines as well. 

So, it's a very special piece of music for me, and it's the most memorable so far. 

I can't wait for COVID to end so I can finally sing another role on stage again!

Me as Nella from Gianni Schicchi by Puccini!

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