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Jack Detroit Hearts Napoleon Dynamite

Weekly Topic: My favorite character in a movie !

Apr 5, 2021

TOPIC: My favorite movie character is both the name of the movie and the person: Napoleon Dynamite.

The movie is very simple and quiet. It is not an action movie. In fact, the most dramatic thing that happens in the movie is a solo dance performance. In the movie, our hero, Napoleon, tries to help his friend become president of his high school. Along the way, we meet other people in his life.

Napoleon is an example of wu wei. The way we practice the living tao. He isn't an action hero or a dramatic character. He simply is. And he is also limitless potential. 

I recommend this funny and slow movie. Let me know what you think at one of my live streams, esljack.stream or on my FB group page! Gosh!

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